Weekly Journal April 17-24

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This week has been a quiet one with baking during the week and catching up with old friends during the weekend.

This week I received my order of fresh strawberries from Baguio and I’ve been inspired to make new cakes for up coming Mother’s Day like the Strawberry Tres Leches Cake with Vanilla Bean Mousse. Also hubby has been requesting for a “real” Tarte aux Fraises. Real meaning a French version with a sweet cookie crust and pastry cream. I couldn’t resist of course and tweaked the recipe a bit and used Coconut Flour for a gluten-free alternative. 

World Street Food Congress was held in the Philippines this year. Hubby and I braved the lines the first evening to try some dishes. We were able to try different savory dishes.

Malaysian Laksa from Penang which is a sour spicy soup. A light broth with pineapples and noodles.

Mee Siam, a spicy seafood noodle dish with Sambal. This was my favorite.

Bali BBQ Ribs, I was most excited for this because I visited Bali a few years ago with my sister and mom and we fell in love with their pork ribs. Very tender and a unique blend of bbq sauce with asian flavors. 

During the weekend, I went with a friend and brought our food haul back to her place. We got Sate Beef BBQ, Indonesian Chicken Barbecue with a spicy tomato salsa, Vietnamese Omelettes that are cooked in mini clay pots, Mee Siam and for dessert we tried the Vietnamese Sticky Rice Roll Stuffed with Banana which they grill on banana leaves and serve with a salty-sweet coconut milk sauce. 

Many of my friends celebrated their birthdays so it was nice to see them and also friends that I don’t get to see often dropped by the restaurant for a meal or a drink. 

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