Summer Feasts in Provence

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Snapshots of the delicious food we had during our Summer trip to my in-laws last 2016. 

Homemade Paella under the Provence Sun. Cooked right in the front yard of my in-laws



A trip to Europe, is not the same without some traditional Couscous. From a lovely restaurant in the small town of the South. We were treated to the royal couscous treatment which included sweets and tea. 




Meringue Galore, served with the most delicious strawberries I’ve ever tasted. Every one of them was sweet, juicy and had a floral aroma in every bite. When we first took a bite, my husband and I looked at each other and we were in awe, speechless at the flavor of the strawberry.



Whenever we visit Julien’s grandma prepared us a delicious feast. This is some of the dishes she made for us. Roti de Porc and her Tarte au Thon which is served with a lemon butter cream sauce. My favorite sauce she’s ever made for us. I’ve tried making it before but doesn’t quite have the same flavors as when she’s prepared it.



Oh Fondue, why do you have to be so deliciously decadent… Made with a combination of hard cheeses from the region and alcohol. But, the SECRET ingredient to this fondue is Morel Mushrooms. (Which I think is much much better than truffles.) 


Stayed tuned for more on my 2016 Summer in Provence.


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