Provence Series: Alps

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During our trip to France last year, we drove up to Briançon in the Alps to visit Julien’s Grandma. 

Briançon used to be a military base but before that it was a fort during the olden times built by Vauban. Since it’s located in the Alpes, the mountains act like a natural defense and border.

I visited this city during the Winter and Summer. I decide which season to visit this town. During the months of July to September, the mountains are green and lush. Reminds me of that scene in “The Sound of Music” where Maria sings in that open field surrounded by mountains. During the winter, the mountain peaks look like they’ve been dusted with a thick layer of powdered sugar.

Part 2 of the Provence Series.

Enjoy the trip!



During our drive up we stopped by this natural water spring, La Rotonde where Julien used to go when he was young. The water is known to have cleansing and healing effects.


Gold enjoying the water.



From where I’m standing I can see the Italian Alps.



You can see traces of the tracks that were used to be used to bring rations up to the fort, Le Fort des Têtes.



The view below from the Old City of Briançon, Cité Vauban.


 Le Pont d’Asfeld




 Archer’s point of view. Whenever, I see these windows in old forts, I can’t help but imagine I’m in the Lord of the Rings novel.


 They found this old well when they were starting work on a new building. The city decided to leave it open, to preserve the city’s history. 



 General Store in the Old City of Briançon.

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