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So my past post was a picture f the beginning of my title page. I have now finished it.
I added a calendar with important events that passed. Most of it is still blank because I haven’t had time to look up events in my journal.
Will embellish it further once I get more special moments on it.


I’ve also started my first month. I’m having a difficult time going through my pictures. I have a tendency to want to print all 1000++ pictures!!! So sorting and selecting is very tough for me.
While that’s still a work in progress I made my title for the month of January.

Since I’m starting this project very late into the year Jan til April-May will be highlights of the month instead of per week moments.

The writing of my title was inspired by a freebie journaling card by Creativity Prompt called Doodled Journaling Cards

I used sticky note pads that had a cute Wizard of Oz design to write down events of the month.


Still more to come so stay tuned!!

’til next time

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