Project Life – First Stages

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This year, I made it a point to journal my days even uneventful ones. I noticed that days are passing by so fast, time flies at a speed that the only way for me to catch up with it is to document what I’ve done.
I can’t always remember what I’ve done, places I’ve seen, people I’ve met so looking back at my journal I get to remember all of these things.

As a newbie at scrapbooking, I discovered this new method of documenting your life. Not only can I write about the days but I can add images to them instead of storing in the back of my hard-drive.

Thank you Tracy for introducing this to me.

So this is my attempt to start my own Project Life.

Follow me as I learn the ins and outs on making a binder filled with memories.

I choose this vintage print for the front cover my Binder. Decided to keep the cover very simple since inside will be very heavy in designs.


I’ve started my title page and cut up some journaling cards found online. I was able to use many goodies I’ve accumulated this year and never found a utility for them ’til now.

I used fabric sticky tape to make a border. I love this new fad of party banners. Since my collection of craft goodies is not complete I made my own. Cut up triangles hung it up with a violet string (which was used a long time ago when making friendship bracelets were the in thing).


That’s it for now. ’til next time.


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