love and hate relationship with “Divi”

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I’ve been going to Divisoria since I’ve been able to organize my own birthday parties. With my mom and sister we would buy prizes for the games, the decorations, give-aways etc.

Recently I’ve been going to buy material for work and I seem to have blocked from my memory of the smell, the crowd and the dirty streets. And when it rains!!! aaaah!!! I actually had to buy my own rubber boots because you never know what you’re stepping on. I wonder why the residents of downtown Manila seem to be oblivious to the consequences of discarding their wastes in the street.

So as much as Divisoria is host to most of my pet peeves this is the place to go if you need supplies for businesses or crafting needs for reasonable price. Ribbons, gift wrappers, plastics, paper bags are three times even five times less than if you buy them from supermarkets or specialized stores. And I also bought my doggy there. One of the best expenses we made.

I can’t go there without looking around in the many shopping centers. I have to admit a lot of the stuff there is junk but if you have the patience and a good eye you can find things to add to your arsenal of craft items. I might have to go back soon before buyers from big companies finish up the stock.

During my recent trips, I’ve found stationary, wooden stamps, punchers and my fave sticky tape with designs. The latter can be used to decorate letters, envelopes, plain notebooks and gifts instead of using ribbons.

Remember those activities with Popsicle sticks when you were in grade school? Or gift cards you’ve made for your parents. Or your pictures that are in boxes waiting to be put into Photo Albums.

It’s summer and why not get you or your children busy with some arts and crafts activities. Most of the supply you need is available there.

Just be creative and use your imagination.

Enjoy your summer!


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