Liquid Citronella

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Love this new product that I found at the Legazpi Market, an Organic insect repellent spray. I found this product by accident when was organizing a dinner outdoors and needed something to shoo away nasty insects.

It is not recommended that you spray it on skin. You can use it on your clothes, the table cloth. I used it on wood, I sprayed it under the dinning table.

One thing though you need to spray over the surfaces after 2 hours just like sun block. Nevertheless, it works and it’s one of my new likes of the season. Cheaper than the new system of patches since the content of the bottle lasts longer.

What is Citronella Oil?

Citronella Oil is obtained from the leaves of Citronella Grass which is part of the Lemon Grass family. It is considered a Biopesticide which is considered an Eco-friendly that controls pests by nontoxic mechanisms. It is used in soaps, candles, aromatherapy.

This product is less harmful than industrial repellents. And it actually smells good.

Whatever type of repellent you choose don’t forget to actually use it. Mosquitoes carry diseases so protect yourself and your family.


It is produced by Gold in Grass Corporation, manufactured in San Pedro, Laguna. Click here for their website

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