Hello world!

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I decided to keep the default title of WordPress because it seemed an appropriate way to introduce myself and to say HI to all you readers.

I’ll try to start with answering the 5 Ws of writting

Who am I?

A new entrepreneur on my first year of my business Casa San Luis Pastries.

Why am I starting a blog?

Because it’s the best medium to express myself and share my thoughts and ideas.

When did I decide to start a blog?

After a year of contemplating if I should start one

What is my blog about?

Hopefully it’ll be a cooking, arts and crafts reference on the world wide web.

ok ok before getting ahead of myself….i’ll start with one post at a time….

As my blog’s name tells you – I’m going to share parts of my day to day adventures from cooking, baking, to arts and crafts, to discovering new things, to attending/hosting dinner parties, places I’ve been to


Answering this question just isn’t worth your time so I’ll skip it. 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.


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