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This June, I attended my friends’ wedding in Vienna. When I found out about it last year, I was really thrilled for the couple but I was also very excited to eat my way through the desserts from this city.

What some people don’t know, is that Vienna has a long History of great desserts.  Viennoiserie for example, which is Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Raisin Escargots originated from Vienna. Marie Antoinette who missed these buttery delicacies had the French learn how to make it when she married Louis the 16th.

Since this was my first time in Vienna, I ate my way through the beautiful streets, dragging my hubby, my sister and friends. (My friends eventually gave up but hubby stayed with me the whole time 🙂 )

Before we started the journey we had lunch in our friends’ French Creperie: Variation Café. Loaded with coffee we started our visit of Vienna.

The Austrians have mastered the art of making puff pastry. The strudel is found in the savory and sweet menus. But the one it’s famous for is Apple Strudel.  First stop after an afternoon of sightseeing was Café Mozart located in front of the Albertina Museum and around the corner from the Opera House. They claim to serve the original Apple Strudel in Vienna.

Next day we had breakfast at Aida this cute coffee shop found in different areas of Vienna. It’s such an adorable shop, everything was pink! From the parasols, to the chairs to the little sugar packets! 

We had an assortment of strudel. They had apple filling, apple slices, soft cheese and soft cheese with apricot.  (we were hungry 🙂 ) We also tried their strawberry chocolate cone, coffee roll and the Mozart Cake. The latter is a chocolate cake with pistachio marzipan layer and milk chocolate mousse. The boxes of Aida reminded me of the boxes of Mendl Pastry shop in the Grand Budapest Hotel.  

Before starting our visit of Empress Sisi’s rooms we had an ice cream stop to beat the summer heat. Black Currant and Vanilla Bean.


Next stop that afternoon was Demel Pastry and Chocolate store. This is one of the oldest pastry stores in Vienna. When you enter I felt like going back into time. They have kept the same design over the years. Did you know that only female servers are employed? It is the store’s tradition? The smell of chocolate once you enter the store was so welcoming, I felt so at home.

Vienna DessertsVienna Desserts

Our last night, we had Vegan Ice Cream. This city is very Vegan friendly. All restaurants have vegan options from appetizers, mains to desserts.

Vienna DessertsVienna Desserts

I couldn’t leave Vienna without trying the Sacher Torte created in the Sacher Hotel which located beside the Opera House. This cake is a chocolate cake with apricot jam topped with a chocolate glaze. It’s so moist compared to other Sacher Tortes I tried during this trip. It’s a secret recipe, that’s closely guarded. They say that it is served a day after it is baked so that the cake soaks all the juices that way the cake is light and moist. A friend of mine gave us the Sacher Hotel Recipe book, can’t wait to try baking this cake.

Vienna DessertsVienna DessertsVienna Desserts


I hope you get to visit Vienna some day, the city of Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Klimt and Sacher Torte. There is just so much to see, eat and learn in Vienna, I wish I had a couple of extra days to visit some more. I have to admit I did sing a few verses of the Sound of Music. PS. No one from there has heard of this musical.

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