end of March photos – Summer has just begun

/ By Carmela| Daily Journal

End of march was the beginning of a very very warm summer. Here are my Iphone photos for the second half of March.

Those last two weeks was a very busy with our friends from France visiting a trip to Intramuros, Subic, shopping and eating. 

First times at Aura: watched an IMAX Movie for the first time in their cinemas, ate at Paul and went up to the Sky Deck at night.

Was able to catch Manila Fame on it’s last day and was just swooning over the furniture, textiles and local handicrafts. Too many things in one place and so little time to see it all.

Sunday brunch at my mom’s. Look at her spread…from pinoy favorites to european flavors. A little bit of everything delicious from both worlds from tapa-tocino-loganiza platter to a cold cuts-pate platter, kesong puti to brie cheese and pan de sal to croissants.
Note…the photo was taken after everyone has had their second serving. We had lots of take home goodies.

Sob* Elbert’s Cheesesteak has moved to another location it was our go to for burgers, tuna melt and fries. We bid farewell with our fave sandwiches.

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